Mai Petit

Luxurious underwear and sleepwear brand bringing you gorgeous silhouette’s that enhance and embrace the beauty in women’s bodies. This Colombian based brand invites you to enjoy the sensual and romantic nature of their pieces while reminding us that MAIPETIT is a gift that women give themselves.

Molly Bra Quick shop

Molly Bra

€62.00 EUR

Daniela Bra Quick shop

Daniela Bra

€62.00 EUR

Candela Red Bra Quick shop

Candela Red Bra

€59.00 EUR

Sophia Bra Quick shop

Sophia Bra

€34.00 EUR €79.00 EUR

Candela Black Bra Quick shop

Candela Black Bra

€59.00 EUR

Lulu Nude Panty Quick shop

Lulu Nude Panty

€29.00 EUR

Pantera Bodysuit Quick shop

Pantera Bodysuit

€84.00 EUR

Candela Red Panty Quick shop

Candela Red Panty

€34.00 EUR

Candela Black Panty Quick shop

Candela Black Panty

€34.00 EUR