MUCHACHA is a multi-label, fair trade concept store based in Berlin, Germany showcasing intimate apparel brands with ties to Latin America with a flair of originality. Swimwear, lingerie, and nightwear made for women by women.

Behind these brands are young talented female entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and who give back to their community by employing single mothers, female head of households, and at risk or special need youth to produce the garments. Fair wages are paid and all employees work in a healthy environment. 

With each purchase you add another link to a long chain of women supporting women.


About the founder: 

Gina Lopez was born in Bogotá, Colombia, raised in Orange County, California and based in Berlin, Germany since 2013. Passionate for Colombian style and life at the beach, Gina decided to create a collective brand to celebrate the two. She launched MUCHACHA in 2016, a business with a bold for women, by women agenda.

“The idea is to find a special selection of gifts that women give themselves. In the summer expect to see more swim and beachwear, in the winter expect to see more lingerie and cozy sleepwear. Always expect beautiful small things that make a big difference. From one MUCHACHA to another, thank you for being here.”